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database hosting

pookiesnackenpookiesnacken Posts: 2New Users
edited March 2012 in iOS SDK Development
Hi all, I'm a new member and this is my first post, so I hope I get it right!

I'm in the planning stages of iPhone app development and am thinking about where to store data: basically a small amount of text, a graphic, a 30-sec lossless sound file, and some links, with a new package of above added and push-notified to users daily. It's an amount of data that could really add up over time so I'm looking to create a web-based database for it.

The one option Google has offered up is a service called Kumulos, which offers hosting and code to integrate database communication into the app. Does anyone have experience with this service? I don't really want to learn a whole lot of SQL right now so I'm hoping this - or similar - is useful.

Cheers and it's good to be here!
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