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The New Development Tutorials Section!

Chris StewartChris Stewart Posts: 765Administrators Admin
edited July 2008 in iPhone SDK Tutorials
I'm happy to announce the new Development Tutorials section here at iPhone Dev SDK! My goal for this section is for users to post tutorials they create. Users that post tutorials that the community finds useful will gain a special user group ranking called "Tutorial Authors". I'm planning on doing other special things for the users in that group as the community grows.

If you have a blog and want to link to a tutorial you've created there, that's fine too. Any content you've created and either posted in, or linked from, the Development Tutorials section makes you eligible to become a Tutorial Author on the forum.

Also, if you find tutorials and walkthroughs around the Internet that you didn't create but feel would be beneficial to users, feel free to link to it. I want to reserve the Tutorial Author status for users that generate their own content but linking to other people's content is OK. Just be sure you make it clear you're linking to someone else's tutorial.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to piling some amazing tutorials and content in the new Development Tutorials section!
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