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How to Design An iPhone App With Custom UI - Video tutorial



  • JanOriCabJanOriCab Posts: 1New Users
    thank you for this!! ^_~ Helpful for me..
  • yunusyunus Posts: 1New Users
    Hello everybody,

    You can find and buy how to create Iphone application video tutorials from my site.
    Please visit it and have a look.
  • kevinmarkkevinmark Posts: 7New Users
    Thank you very much,
    I did read & see your projects videos a very nice tutorial indeed, clear and helpful through a good chunk of an eBook on Kindle called iPhone iOS 5 Development Essentials which is a good read for programmers coming from less arcane curly-bracket languages and many more receipes in the videos..
  • marrywebstermarrywebster Posts: 4New Users
    edited December 2012
    Wow, very useful info, especially for starting designs. There is not too many information for app designers, and taking into account that app amount only grows every year, it is really helpful for those designers that just start now
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