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Mac OSX App Marketing Ideas

jpmjpm Posts: 32Registered Users @
edited July 2012 in Mac OS X Development
I'm a bit stumped here and looking for advice.

I have an app in the Mac App store (in the Productivity) section. It's doing OK, but I feel that without any marketing (except Mac App Store), its sales won't grow much further.

What are some viable ideas for promoting a Mac App outside the Mac App Store?

Things like Google AdWords are tricky because they make it impossible to specifically target users on a Mac, etc.

Are there some good ad networks that display ads on other Mac apps?

Would love to hear your ideas.
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  • ChrisYatesChrisYates Posts: 370Registered Users @ @
    edited May 2012
    You could try something like Facebook ads, as it allows you to be more specific about your targeting options. The fact is if you go the Adwords/Facebook route you have to expect a loss, it's really more about awareness than app sales. Having said that it all depends on the cost of your app.

    I did an Admob ad once targeting iPhone users for one of my apps, the minimum you can start with is $50, I had about 700 clicks (taps in this case!) in about 40 minutes and never made a sale, quickest fifty bucks I ever spent on nothing.

    My personal opinion is that word of mouth is where it's at. With so many options available to the user it's hard to get any app noticed whether that's the Mac App Store or the iTune App Store (unless of course you're the likes of EA where Apple will immediately put you on the home page feature!). I think it boils down to quite of lot of luck for the general public to pick up on your app but once they do you're laughing.

    It's a lottery out there ;)
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  • srishtimehtasrishtimehta Posts: 8New Users
    You must employ multiple tactics to crack the success code. Include and promote content in your app. Content must be fresh, unique and informative. Offer free downloads, do Press Release, Directory Submission, Banner Promotion, Classified Submission, make videos, promote it to Social Media Sites, Participate in QA Sites, and many more.
  • neenaiphoneneenaiphone Posts: 17New Users *
    Best option will be to do some press release create a small site for it and start with a small banner ad on facebook or some other blog it will help you promote your app.
    Just create a valuable product and an informative web site for it (check out E-junkie, eSellerate, Kagi, etc. for sales mechanisms you can build into your site), then have your product listed on sites like MacUpdate (now that VersionTracker has passed away, MacUpdate would indeed be my top priority as a beginner), then have a little patience and listen very carefully to your users' feedback.

    If your app proves useful and/or fun to others, revenue and reviews will start trickling in all by themselves. That's the time when you can begin considering active marketing, which could be based on favorable reviews, among other things. (Who doesn't like Macworld mice?
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