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Setting the row height of an NSBrowserCell ?

crashmonkeycrashmonkey Posts: 216Registered Users @ @
edited July 2013 in Mac OS X Development
I cannot find any methods for setting the size (height) of the cell in an NSBrowser.

There is one browser method -setRowHeight:(CGFloat) , but that is not allowed when using one of the Matrix methods of the NSBrowser delegate.
I am using
-(NSInteger)browser:(NSBrowser *)sender numberOfRowsInColumn:(NSInteger)column
to set the number of rows in a single column. That throws an exception because these 2 methods are incompatible.

I cannot find anything in NSCell for setting the size of a cell.

How can I make my browser cells 64 points high?
I want them to be the size of the cells in the object browser in Xcode, with the title and description.
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