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Requesting help from the experts

jonnystokerjonnystoker BirminghamPosts: 1New Users Noob
Hi everyone.

This is my first post so I hope it's in the correct place and everything.

I'm a multimedia technician in a college and I have an idea that will help and benefit most staff and students.

I have decided to create an app that requires an app on the iPhone and iPad, and that app will then send information to an application I will create on OSX. The two platforms will be constantly talking to each together; one will only be used by and administrator. The OSX app will hold databases of information.

There's only a few problems: I've never created an app before for either iOS or OSX. So, I'm a complete newbie!

I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some good tutorials or guides that can get me started? I've searched relentlessly for them for Xcode but I just don't seem to be finding the correct things.

Thank you so much for your time and help with this subject. I'm just new here and would like to take on a task that will help the community of our college.
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