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Mac develpoment questionn

cmpcmp n/aPosts: 43New Users @
edited November 2014 in Mac OS X Development
If i go with the mac developer program would macbook pro with 4G ram with 500gb hard drive with i5 2.5 with boost?

Or do i need more ram for programming?


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    4G ram will be sluggish. Get a minimum of 8G or more.

    And to really speed it up, get an SSD.

    The bottleneck in your system is the ram and the hard drive.

    The system you have is doable...meaning it will work fine. It just won't be very quick.
  • cmpcmp n/aPosts: 43New Users @
    So if i don't update i will not go fast.Long it works maybe upgrade latter on.:) thanks
  • cmpcmp n/aPosts: 43New Users @
    I just upgrade to 10gb of ram and now everything work fine.:)
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    edited December 2014
    Glad to hear you got that solved.
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