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Build app/program for which version of OS X

MICOMMICOM Posts: 4New Users Noob
Hi, I'm working on a construction estimating app/program (I know..boring) Should I build for the latest OS X or an earlier OS X version? any ideas? Thanks...


  • voidzonevoidzone europePosts: 54Registered Users @
    edited November 2015
    Depends on what your customers run mostly. I heard the construction industry is always light years behind in tech (people still running Win98). So you possibly should develop for an older OS X version if you target this customer base.

    But please do some research. Maybe your customers are different! (No one wants to write software for outdated systems).

    As a general rule though: Always $(current version - 1). So now with 10.11 I would greenfield projects that would be developed against 10.10. When 10.12 comes out you can finally make use of all the nice exclusive 10.11 APIs :)

    Mac users tend to upgrade OS X pretty quickly. But even now 40% of all users who download our software are running 10.10.

    Also it usually doesn't pay to support super old versions as people who still run 10.6 or something like that tend to be people who don't buy software anyway.

    /disclaimer: Yes, I know strictly speaking this is a thread necro but I think other people will find this still interesting.
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