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Printing NSView - margins issue

maskedrmaskedr TimisoaraPosts: 44Registered Users @
I'm developing a mac app for a client which has the print functionality. I'm using NSView for printing. The code I used:

// Contructing the view
self.printProductViewController = [[PrintProductViewController alloc] initWithParent:self withSelector:@printProductViewResponse withExtraInfo:valuesToBePassed];
[self.view addSubview:self.printProductViewController.view];
[self.printProductViewController.view removeFromSuperview];

NSPrintOperation *op;
op = [NSPrintOperation printOperationWithView:self.printProductViewController.view];
NSPrintInfo *pi = [op printInfo];
// Force page to fit one page
[pi setHorizontalPagination:NSFitPagination];
[pi setVerticalPagination:NSFitPagination];

// Setting the page orientation
[pi setOrientation:NSPaperOrientationLandscape];

// Setting the margins
[pi setBottomMargin:0];
[pi setLeftMargin:0];
[pi setTopMargin:0];
[pi setRightMargin:0];

// Set the image to center horizontal and vertical
[pi setVerticallyCentered:YES];
[pi setHorizontallyCentered:YES];

[op runOperation];

The problem is how the printer print the information on the paper. Even if I set the margins to 0 the printer still set some left and right margins. I've spoke with a friend who is a C# developer and he told me the printer have some extra margins called hard margins.

So the question is how to get rid off all the margins?

Thx in advance!
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