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New to Mac Development please help with simple APP.

TostTost Posts: 50Registered Users @
edited March 2012 in Mac OS X Development
Hello everyone,

I have worked with Visual Basic in the past so I know most of coding language. I also learned to make basic iphone apps over the summer and now I am trying to move into Mac APPS.

I was wondering if someone could help me with some source code for a simple program so I can get on my feet and start learning independently through trial/error + google.

I want the app to have 1 button, 1 label, and 1 imageview/webview.

When you push the button I want the application to internally visit, scrape the HTML, then display the HTML text in the label as well as create an image from the HTML in an imageview or webview, not sure what we would use here.

Can anyone please help me out with this? I will be able to figure everything else out on my own.

Thanks for any help.
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