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Child Lock App Idea

I'm not a developer, but there's an app I would pay good money for, and I believe many others would too. I'm throwing the idea out there for anybody who wants to take the chance at making it and selling it - anyone who wants to create this app, please just let me know when I can buy it in the App Store.

I need an app that will lock my kids in a kid-friendly app folder that I create, and require my iTunes password for the following actions: leaving the folder, and deleting/renaming/moving apps. (I'm tired of my toddler posting on my Facebook when she's supposed to be playing her coloring book games. And this morning she deleted an app I'd spent about $20 buying songs and games for. The app only remembers that I bought about half of them now.) I don't know, but it sounds like this would be really simple to do - just an app that lets me create a folder and put safety settings on it. I could also see it being useful for parents of older kids, too, when the kids might not be accidentally be getting onto Facebook so much as snooping or getting into stuff they know they're not supposed to.

For what it's worth, a totally un-scientific poll of my Facebook friends revealed 100% of iPhone-owning parents of young children also being interested in buying this app. And if anything similar exists in the App Store, it doesn't show up under any search terms I can think of. If anybody thinks this would be an interesting app to create, please let me know! I'll be your first customer!


  • BrianSlickBrianSlick Treadmill Desk Ninja Posts: 10,692Tutorial Authors, Registered Users @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
    Can't be done. Developers don't have the access that would be necessary.
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  • givensurgivensur On the Information SuperhighwayPosts: 541Registered Users @ @ @
    As BrianSlick mentioned, it can't be done. As of iOS 6, however, you can enable guided access and disable the home button so your child is stuck in whatever app is running when you hand them your phone.
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  • dcooldcool Posts: 294Registered Users @ @
    edited February 2013
    If you can't afford to get another device for your kid then use your "Restriction" of your device settings. You can set "deleting" and "App rating" to control it.

    As far I've known lots of parents complain about the device but they don't know how to use it. If you have important stuff with your devices (email, phone, files...), don't give your devices to the kids, get them iPad or iPod touch. Otherwise, you have to backup your information to cloud or PC before let them play.

    Hope that helps,
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