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Graphics and music for iOS apps

Jefferson_SteelflexJefferson_Steelflex Posts: 1New Users Noob
edited January 2015 in Off Topic
Now that I am close to finishing my iOS application (a game), I have to take care of its overall presentability (graphics and music).

My question to everyone:
Do you always create your own music and graphics for each application you make?
If so, do you find it tedious?


  • PixeleePixelee VanPosts: 1New Users Noob
    I can't imagine someone without a music background to make music. It must be hard to do that. I personally am a composer so if I did have the ability to create an game app, I would definitely make my own haha. The game probably will be full of bugs and poorly scripted :)
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    Some of us have multiple skills and can do it. It's not tedious.

    Others use an outside service, for graphics and music. And if you have the right people, greatly lightens the load.
  • MAROBIMAROBI CanadaPosts: 22New Users @
    Cant say for Graphics but I think Music is really important we used a very great guy for A-Maze-In called Andrew Riley from he charges about 50 - 100 bucks a track for custom stuff or he has a catalogue of 5 buck tunes but these could be used in other peoples games.
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