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5S vs. 6 for Development

firraefirrae Posts: 2New Users Noob
Hi there,

So I'm starting to look into developing apps for iOS and Android recently as it is a part of my school work as well as a personal interest. I know I need a Mac, but luckily my school allows us to borrow Mac laptops for the day so I have one available to me for at least the next few months, that just leaves me with one big question though, should I buy an iPhone 5S or a 6 to develop with? I know it's not "required" but I've never fully trusted simulators even though I find Apple's quite good.

The primary use of the device would be for app testing, but also as my main phone so I can get used to the ux of Apple devices. I've used Android phones for years now so I'm pretty much set knowing how users expect apps to function on them.

I'd be putting it on a 2 year contract so I'd like something that would last that plus maybe a bit more, but I'm not sure if the iPhone 6 at an extra $200 up front cost is a great deal in my case.

Quick rundown of my limitations: I live in Canada, and I'm unwilling to spend more than $55 a month on my bill. Right now I can get a 5S for $275 on Koodo, Virgin, or Fido with a monthly plan matching my existing one at $50 a month (more than satisfied with it). The 6 is $475 up front on the same plan. The 6+ is not something I want to look at, it's far too big for me.

Let me know what you think and what you think the best option it.


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    For what you want to do, the 5S is fine. They have the same screen ratio. You do need a device for testing though, because not all things can be done/tested on a simulator. And, the simulator uses the Mac processing power, giving you inflated performance vs the iPhone.

    I have a 6+ and a 5. I prefer the 6+ for size, and could never go back to using that 5. My wife with smaller hands also says the same.

    But for development, the 5S won't be a problem.
  • firraefirrae Posts: 2New Users Noob
    I figured as much, I just wanted to see what others thought or if I was missing something big. Thanks for the answer!
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