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Mapping SDK with Augmented Reality

liam8989liam8989 IrelandPosts: 1New Users Noob

We are a start-up and are using a lean startup methodology, so we are validating an idea we have and just wanted to see what people think before we write any more code. Here is our problem / solution statement, please let us know what you think.. would you use a product like this ?

“App developer’s use native mapping API’s to create basic map related functionality in their apps. This process can be complex, time consuming and repetitive and maps cannot be easily updated. App A Map (our startup) will offer a browser based mapping platform which will let app developers create their maps online beforehand without writing any code and then use our SDK to link to the platform and build enhanced cross-platform interactive Augmented Reality maps that can be added to apps in modular form.

These modules can be highly configured to fit in with existing app themes. The SDK will also gather behaviour analytics including points of interest (POI) visited, time spent at each POI, dates/times visited for each POI etc. Data will be transmitted via API to our cloud platform and also offer the ability to create geo-based push notification campaigns that can be scheduled in real-time. App developers will be able to update their maps instantly and have the changes propagate to apps without changing any code or re-submitting their apps.”

Have attached 2 files, one of our web browser map designer, and the other of our Augmented Reality map viewer on the actual app on iOS.

We would be interested in early adopters if anyone's interested!

Thanks for reading, any feedback much appreciate.


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