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App with subscription, make sure people don't share??

tropictropic Posts: 120New Users @ @

I am working on an app that requires a subscription for the content. Does Apple or can I in some way make sure people do not share their subscription e.g. lock it to specific devices or x number of devices? I guess the subscription is locked to your iTunes account and you cannot do much about family sharing.

For example, can people share their Spotify subscription, how many devices can it be run on with the same subscription?

Any good inputs to handle subscriptions?


  • tropictropic Posts: 120New Users @ @
    I that was what I figured. Was hoping to be able to do that, I do not think it has changed.

    Any other way to make sure people won't share a subscription, or can they even?
  • tropictropic Posts: 120New Users @ @
    Also, would it be possible to run the subscription service on your own server instead of through Apple? I guess so, isn't that what Spotify is also doing?
  • tropictropic Posts: 120New Users @ @
    edited October 2015
    The subscription will unlock the main feature of the app, so I guess that will go as static content and hence non-renewable. So, I guess if I want my users to have a login for my service (e.g. login when they open the app) they might as well pay for the subscription on my website since I have to setup some backend anyway. Then I could log and lock how many times the user is signed in instead of tracking the exact device.
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