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iPhone 6S case dilemma

orsabineorsabine RomaniaPosts: 2New Users Noob
Hi there,

Just bought an iPhone 6S, and I've got insurance for it.

Even though I've got insurance for it, I'm wondering what the best case is for me. I mostly live an urban lifestyle, but I do periodically live in Montana and have dropped a phone in the river. In the past I've owned LifeProof cases, but is that overkill if I have insurance? Is there another case that's suitable, and maybe not quite as bulky? Also, I once owned a LifeProof Nuud case -- the one without the screen protector because it supposedly had gorilla glass that doesn't scratch. But now, it seems the glass on this iPhone 6S is already scratching! So, what would be a good solution?
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