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brighterbrainbrighterbrain atlanta, gaPosts: 3New Users Noob
Has anyone tried PhoneGap before? I know this is an open source mobile app development language that works on any mobile device. Has anyone worked with it before and if so, what is the downfall of working with this language?


  • chuckc192000chuckc192000 FloridaPosts: 397New Users @ @
    It's not a language and I don't think it's open source. It's a development environment that allows apps to be developed for multiple platforms, but it produces apps that are inferior quality to apps developed using the native tools.
  • brighterbrainbrighterbrain atlanta, gaPosts: 3New Users Noob
    You are correct. It is not a language, but not more of a developmental environment. When I go to the website,, it does state that it is open source.
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