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IQKeyboardManager for iOS

hackiftekharhackiftekhar IndorePosts: 1New Users Noob

Often while developing an app, We ran into an issues where the iPhone UIKeyboard slide up and cover the UITextField/UITextView. IQKeyboardManager allows you to prevent issues of the keyboard sliding up and covering a text field without needing you to enter any code. One of the Speciality of this Library is It Works Automatically. ZERO LINE OF CODE, No More imports, No More Subclasses, No More UIScrollView, No More Manual Work. To use IQKeyboardManager you simply need to add the framework to your project or add the source files to your project.

IQKeyboardManager works on all orientations, and with the toolbar. There are also nice optional features allowing you to customise the distance from the text field, add the next/previous done button as a keyboard UIToolbar, play sounds when the user navigations through the form and more.

Here is the github link:

Demo project also contains a setting screens to know how each property works.
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