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Do review sites prefer to review paid apps?

ramykhuffashramykhuffash Posts: 15Registered Users
This may be a strange question and as an app reviewer myself I should know the answer but this is why I ask:

When app reviewers link to an app they have reviewed, they can earn affiliate money with each download.

When they review a free app they have no way of earning money from that article (unless they charged for the review as many review sites seem to do now).

What have your experiences been for getting reviews for free applications (applications that have been free from the start)?


  • peterthomaspeterthomas Posts: 76Registered Users
    Well people do review free and paid both. In most cases, the free apps are reviewed on payment of certain payment, thus it gives benefit to the reviewer. Secondly, you can also ask the free app owner to give a link back to your article in return from the apps site.

    Also there is another aspect which you should keep in mind, to keep your reviewing site/blog running in well and good condition you ll have to have a good amount of content injected into it. And if your site/blog is running well enough you will get a good number of visitors, and hence you can earn money from the site through ads as well.

    So reviewing free app is not a bad idea at all, its all about priorities and the current status/condition of your site.
  • Posts: 190New Users
    Speaking to some of the guys at Steel Media I asked about this and they said it's a pretty even mixture.
  • ramykhuffashramykhuffash Posts: 15Registered Users
    Brilliant, cheers :-)
  • HappyByteHappyByte Posts: 343New Users @ @
    paid/iap reviews bring affiliate money - sue it yourself :)
  • JessePJesseP Seattle, WAPosts: 61Registered Users @
    I know this may sound crazy but -- YOU STILL EARN COMMISSIONS FROM LINKING TO FREE APPS!

    When you click on an affiliate cookie everything you purchase for the next 72 hours (3 days) will result in an affiliation (unless they click on another affiliate link which then starts the process over). This includes IAP, movies, music, other apps, books, etc.

    A reviewer should affiliate EVERY link into the iTunes and App Store.
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