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How to re-promote an older game?

PartyRayonPartyRayon Posts: 5New Users
Hi guys, I'm glad to have found this forum and learned valuable information from here.
I got a question that I would like to ask and if anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do.

My boss wanted to release a free to play (with IAP upgrade to get more levels) version of one of our past games which did quite well and was originally a paid app.

The obstacle that I'm encountering is how exactly can I go about to promote this new "free" version of our game?
Contacting game sites for review/coverage probably won't work as the game is essentially the same as our original paid version. Free App a Day campaign is getting very very expensive and its effect is a bit questionable lately.

The goal of having this new "free" version was to capture the iphone users who have never seen/play our original game, but now I'm a bit stuck in terms of what I can do to re-promote an "old" game? How can I let people know about it?

Do I really have to just release the app without being able to do anything and hope for the best....?

Many thanks!


  • Posts: 190New Users
    Do a press release. Get the press release distributed. Post your app on appromoter (which is free). We're a part of the Free App Alliance and can get you a decent below list price for some advertising. People that have used FAA have always seen good results. I'd be happy to help you with this so if you want to chat off the forum you can email me at

  • poisendenpoisenden Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
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  • windrider07windrider07 Posts: 110New Users @ @
    The problem with AppFoam and AppPromoter much traffic do they get on a daily basis? Do users trust them? Do most users visit them? I've used both sites and I enjoy their services, however if you want to get high exposure to the new "free" version of your game, you should use PRMac and do a Press Release distribution (the video press inclusion sucks). Contact the top 5 app review sites and send them an email, post on their forums. Change your iTunes app icon for the free version of your game to reflect that it is now free. Free apps perform well, if not, better than paid apps...correct me if I am wrong. Just because an app is paid and is now becoming free doesn't mean it's old. Your just altering your sales approach. If you have both paid and free versions of your game, make sure there is a difference is features. But you should let the media know about it.
  • YoshkowYoshkow Victoria, B.C., CanadaPosts: 164Registered Users @ @
    In my opinion, regardless of whom you use to promote your game, you should avoid words like "old" (I realize your post isn't your promotion copy.) and instead use words like "classic" or "retro" or some other positive spin on "old". If you are going to mention that the game existed before now, emphasize it as a good thing; use it as a marketing point. Be proud of the age of your game rather than embarrassed. Pretend it's Pac-Man, Tetris, or Duke Nukem.
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  • PartyRayonPartyRayon Posts: 5New Users
    Many thanks for your help, guys!

    @Yoshkow, yeah the word "old" is just how I refer to it personally. For sure can't really use that when doing the actual promotion. Thanks for your ideas!
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