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To Buy Or Not To Buy

SergeLightSergeLight Posts: 14New Users
edited September 2012 in Mobile Marketing Techniques
I'm in contact with an developer who is selling his app to me for a good price. His app made 10K in 3 months at the beginning of this year and he showed me the stats. he also told me why he is selling. He also explained to me how what he did for marketing and it mainly was (Free) Press Releases and Social Media (no PPC).

My only concern is iOS 6. I haven't asked him his opinion about this yet. But I was wondering what you guys think? Is it possible that the same app suddenly will have very little to no sales? I would be happy if the App makes 20% of what it used to make. Please share your opinions.

Thanks in advance


  • mediaspreemediaspree FloridaPosts: 901Registered Users @ @ @
    As far as I know, unless he is selling you the company, the app will have to be taken down and reuploaded under your account. This alone will loose a week or two of sales and any chart position it currently has. You'll be starting from scratch. I think it depends on the current # of users of the app how much it is worth.
  • OrionExchangeOrionExchange Posts: 35New Users
    As 'mediaspree' said, your App will have to be resubmitted (most likely). I've heard bad news about iOS 6, but if it's a 'killer' App, there's nothing from stopping success.

    Good luck!
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