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Tried App Store Optimization - Now what?

Hello everybody, I am trying to promote my iOS application and I have just uploaded a new binary that fixes some problems and I decided to took advantage of it and try some App Store Optimization..
After the update was approved, my app search ranks did raised but no effect on sales..
My application sales between 0 to 4 for a day something like that (more like 1 and 2) and I think its potential is greater.
What can I try now to raise sales?
It is a slideshow editor app called EasyClip (I don't want to advertise it here I just want you to tell me what can I improve in order to generate more sales:

Do you have any ideas what can I do?


  • mediaspreemediaspree FloridaPosts: 901Registered Users @ @ @
    Make it free with In-App purchase to unlock the advanced mode and extra photo filters.
  • TasnimTasnim Posts: 37New Users
    sort your screenshot according to ios6 it plays a great role.

    you selected some very high competition keyword in your keyword list .for which your app will never show in the top 50 of a particular keyword.thats why download number is low
  • WonderAppsWonderApps Posts: 135New Users @ @
    When I checked your iTunes page, I feel there is too much info in each screenshot. Although you may spend quite a lot time designing the screenshot, but as a user I just do not feel the engagement when I look at them. Please try to check your app link in iPhone or iPod touch to verify it!. The font size is too small as well on the iPhone, hard to see.

    Hope it helps.
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  • AppVersalAppVersal Posts: 112Registered Users @ @
    Your App description needs a complete rewrite as far as App Store Optimization is concerned. Completely agree with @WonderApps that your screenshots don't look quite engaging. You might want to change your screenshots as in iOS 6, screenshots play a crucial role. Do a lot of research on your keywords and make sure they are properly optimized.

    Functionality wise, your App appears to be quite solid and does seem to have a market. Try other channels to promote it and spread the word. Once the hype is built up and sales increase, rankings will automatically improve.
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  • RichardStephenRichardStephen Posts: 67New Users @
    I think your keywords doesn't works good. Your keywords should be spot on. When you search for your keyword, look down how far your keyword has been ranked well in the list. If you are less than 20 then you won't get much sales. Use something like app annie to calculate their sales roughly, hence it should give you a realistic figure of what to expect. Go with social media signals like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn so that you can able to get a better advice about your apps.
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  • iSpreadNewsiSpreadNews Posts: 359Registered Users @ @
    We'd recommend you to redesign UI of your app.

    It's very difficult to understand that labels on this screenshot (those in big font) are really buttons:


    Also your app looks like it's made for Win8 - too trivial shapes and trivial design.

    Also you can localize your app to other languages - since you have very few strings in your UI. Once you do that, we can help you promoting your app worldwide - see sig. - VERY CHEAP (from $50) way to send your iPhone/iPad app announcement to hundreds of blog & news sites owners over the globe.

    Just remember that there other countries besides US!
  • ComboAppComboApp Chicago, ILPosts: 333New Users @ @
    @MarkMitel, What are you ready to invest to increase the sales?

    Just in case, app description has nothing to do with ASO. Its only point it to interest the potential user and describe the app.
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  • PulseLAPulseLA Posts: 8New Users
    I think you need better app store images. Something like photos going into a clip with a music. Your text doesn't work at all for a English reader. Its all over the map and Its hard to figure out what the app does based on all that text. Boil it down to something simple and then figure out how to add back the keywords you want.

    Your text:
    Using EasyClip you can take your ordinary images and turn them into a beautiful clip with a song that you like and various of possible effects.
    The use of EasyClip is simple, you can create a wide range of clips in a speed that you didn't yet met!
    The application offers a convenient and easy to operate interface allowing even the average user to create clips quickly and effectively.

    You’ve saved some great camera shots on your iPhone, Don’t just let them sit there doing nothing.
    Install EasyClip and create a fun and entertaining slideshow that you can share with your family and friends—or for your own enjoyment!
    The application includes features and options that enable you to let your creativity to go wild so that you can create a beautiful slideshow.
    No specialized skills are required!

    You can create your slideshow masterpiece in four easy steps that the application walks you through.
    You won’t believe how easy and quick the process is!
    With EasyClip, your gift giving just got easier!

    Should read something more like this:
    EasyClip takes your iPhone photos and turns them into beautiful, musical slideshows that you can easily send to family and friends. Don't let your photos go unseen! With Easyclip, your photos will be more engaging with in just a few easy steps. Anyone can upgrade their pictures in a flash and share their favorite memories in a slideshow masterpiece that will be the envy of all your friends.
    EasyClip lets you:

    Hope it helps.

  • optimizemyappsoptimizemyapps USAPosts: 138Registered Users @ @
    I think you need to focus on:
    1) Screenshots - The text describing the screenshots is at different places in each screen, makes it hard for the user to follow where ur describing the App's features in each screen
    2) Keyword Optimization - Did you use any tools like Sensortower etc to do keyword research? I think you still need to do Keyword Optimization
    3) Price - A IAP model with Free App is something which will increase downloads

    Hope the above helps :) for Professional Help on App Store Optimization / App Promotion Services at Great Prices
  • RedStripeRedStripe San Francisco, CAPosts: 63New Users @
    Great suggestions on screenshots above. I would follow those recommendations and do some split testing if you have a website for your app.

    Your keywords need a lot of work. Not sure what you mean by "my app search ranks did raised" but your app ranks in the *thousands* for most of your single word keywords. I did a few quick checks on two word keywords and the results weren't great either.

    You are targeting keywords that are WAY too difficult. Target keywords that have a Difficulty Score of 2.0 or less and use that as a starting point. Right now your best keyword is "application" and that has a difficulty score of 3.7 and that is getting you a rank of 65. So targeting 2.0 or less should start getting you closer to the top 10.

    Also, make sure that your keywords are relevant. I'm not sure that people would search for "application" to find your app.

    You should start experimenting with your keywords, icon and screenshots before doing anything else. You can ignore your description for now, it doesn't have an impact on search and not many people look at it anyway.
  • htappshtapps Posts: 105New Users @ @
    On your first screenshot the word "Easily" is misspelled "Easliy"

    I would use custom graphics instead of the default buttons too
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