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Free app review exchange and Apple TOS

I see that there is a thread on this forum about developers doing a free app review exchange. This is a good idea, although the forum thread format isn't quite the best way to make this effective. But what I was wondering is this: suppose it were possible to set up a free app review exchange in some sort of effective manner (to be determined). Developers (especially indie developers) could contact each other and agree to do reviews for each others' apps. If you are asked to do a review swap, check out the requester's app and see if you like it. If you don't like it, don't agree to do a review. In other words, no one in the system is forced to do a review if they don't want to - apparently that is crucial for adhering to Apple's App Store Terms of Service.

So my question for everyone is this: if it were possible to set up such an exchange, would it violate any other aspects of Apple's TOS? What do you think?


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