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How long should my 25K campaign last? 1 day or a week?

It looks like I can spend about 15K to bump my to-be-free app to the Top 50 Arcade Games in the US App Store within one day. A portion of these users will be unqualified users -- which is ok. I do not intend to make money from this batch of people. Assuming that my app Sacred Guns would indeed arrive at Top 50 at Day 1, three scenarios could happen:

1) the game trends up in ranking
2) the game stays at the same rank
3) the game drops in ranking

Under which scenario would my spend at Day 2 and onwards be cost-effective? I can't think of any. Could you?

Would the remaining 10K then be better spent in another country where it would be enough to reach Top 50 in the same day?


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