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What is the most effective way to promote my new app released last week.

I released a new app ,but it seems so few people see my app in App store.
I think I have an urge to do some promotion
Please give me some advice.
Such as some site for good promotion.


  • AppVersalAppVersal Posts: 112Registered Users @ @
    Promoting an App effectively requires that you test multiple channels and then invest in the ones that work specifically for your App.

    Do social media marketing, reach out to all App review sites and pitch them, create videos for your App, have a website, participate in forums, try mobile ad networks, submit a press release and so much more. There is no end to it.

    Marketing is a complex thing, it can never be achieved overnight. Plan it out and work towards the execution part.
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  • AppBomberAppBomber Posts: 8New Users Noob
    What category is Ur app at? We all know how tough is to get noticed in any Games subcategory comparing with any other one. There are, of course, general marketing techniques followed by most of the apps, but it might bring no result if you have developed a Kids app, music or some other special product that has to reach its target audience not only through general channels, but also on related sites and blogs where most of the interested folk spends time.

    Let's discover some of the basic ways for any app promotion:

    1. Get Ur app reviewed on highly ranked review websites that will not only bring it additional visibility, but also specify any minor changes U have to follow in Ur next update in order to improve Ur apps functionality.
    2. Pay attention to average App Store rating Ur app has, cause it might be crucial aspect for potential app shoppers. Having fantastic screenshots and catchy description is only a half success of App Store app's image.
    3. Expand Ur app's publicity through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, make some promo code contests or any other activities to wake up interest of app users.

    This list could be endless I guess, because marketing is not one-time action that would bring you expected result, however a constant work that needs ongoing improvements like any further app updates a developer makes :)

  • ShelShockShelShock Posts: 128Registered Users @ @

    You should consider a promotion with Gnome Escape. They are very effective and deliver great results at affordable rates for both free and paid apps.

    There is very good specific feedback from @Mobilevisuals on this thread (among others):

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    Reviews and Ratings are critical to the success of your app. They significantly contribute to your ASO and organic growth.

    Gnome Escape is the best way to generate reviews, ratings, iTunes buzz and feedback for your app.
  • HappyByteHappyByte Posts: 343New Users @ @
    The most effective way to promote a new app is to start promoting it a few or several months before release - GDC, E3, etc. Get exposure at big sites. Skip all "marketing" agencies that won't do much more that nothing and will charge you an enormous amount of your $.
  • makeappmakeapp Posts: 3New Users
    Also try to focus on general sites / forums in the industry your app is targeting. App review sites are great but it's also important to go after the sites where your target group is present. By that I don't mean target group of app users but those that are interested in the kind of app you're offering.

  • canada130113canada130113 Posts: 87New Users @
    Facebook, promotional apps and virality are the best honestly.
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