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Edit: Contact any of our moderators for issues related to these rules.

Allow me to direct your attention to this post, which is indeed nearly 4 years old and created by one of the founders of this board. Advertising is not allowed in this forum. I am not implementing a new rule here.

Your free advertising options on this entire board are:
- Your signature
- The Shameless Advertising forum

That's it. Nowhere else. If you want broader coverage than that, you are more than welcome to click on any of the "Advertise here" links and pay for some ad space.

This forum is for discussing promotion techniques in general, NOT your promotion service(s). If you can't participate in a discussion without referencing your service, then you don't get to participate in the discussion. Period. The rough guideline is this:

If I took your post, copy-pasted in to a text editor, and read it without any additional context, would I know about your service? If the answer is yes, then chances are you screwed up. It makes no difference whether this is a new thread or a reply to an existing thread. If you have expertise to share, you can share it without referencing your service, and you'll just have to rely on your signature for visibility.

Now then, I am aware that we have a number of members whose services will be referenced by other people. These references will either be positive or negative, and folks will feel the need to respond, and in these cases it is hard not to mention your own service. I will grant some leeway here, mostly because I don't currently know how to codify what is and isn't allowed. Your response should be very relevant to the topic at hand. If questions are asked, answer them as directly and factually as possible. This is not your advertising platform. Responses that stray too far into sales pitches will be deleted and warnings will be issued.

I am also aware that people like to post lists of services, and solicit feedback for more services. You may NOT post in the thread asking for your service to be included. You are welcome to send a PM to the thread author and request inclusion. If they do, good for you; if they don't, too bad for you. If someone else mentions your service, good for you. I will be watching for sockpuppet accounts. Duplicate accounts are not allowed on this board, and if I find sockpuppets for your account, ALL of your accounts will be banned. I will also be keeping an eye on the folks who create such lists, and if it appears to be self-serving, then deletions and warnings will follow, and the same sockpuppet treatment applies. And just in general, if I feel like mentions are being coordinated, or are in any way anything other than genuine, punishment will be handed out to all parties involved.
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