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Best time to promote Facebook Page

MwchambMwchamb Posts: 14New Users *
I was curious to anyones insight in when is a good time to promote your app before it's released? I realize alot of people won't be too interested as it's not yet available for download. When is a good time to create a facebook page for your app and anyone have tips on promoting it?




  • YoshkowYoshkow Victoria, B.C., CanadaPosts: 164Registered Users @ @
    Buzz is buzz! If you can convince people to keep following updates about an upcoming app, you might get them to download it in large volume when it first hits the market. Massive downloads right at the beginning could help propel your app to a high position and garner more downloads. Look at the historical marketing techniques of Segway and "The Blair Witch Project". The main reason for any success they had was because of promotion before the product was available.
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  • ComboAppComboApp Chicago, ILPosts: 333New Users @ @
    Facebook is all about content. I would advise you to promote (and update!) your fb fan page before the release to gather a definite community that will be interested in your app`s topic. That will allow you drive extra attention to your app once it is out. Good luck!
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  • dinglefacedingleface Posts: 182New Users @ @
    The best time to promote a facebook page to encourage user interaction, comments, and sharing is Saturday Afternoon.
  • ComboAppComboApp Chicago, ILPosts: 333New Users @ @
    And take into account geo location of your FB fan page audience, their age and interest. Yes - Saturday's afternoon sounds reasonable but it may very well be a time when people are away from their desktop and even don't check their Facebook account.

    I would suggest to launch a test ad for week posting updates each day evently and then check the stats for this week to figure out what day works the best for you.
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  • RedStripeRedStripe San Francisco, CAPosts: 63New Users @
    You should probably create a FB page as soon as you are committed to finishing an app. Schedule some content ahead of time using Hootsuite and hook up Twitter and G+ while you are at it. Find or create some fun content to get likes from your target audience.
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