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WWDC related app launch experiences?

attilajobiattilajobi HungaryPosts: 2New Users Noob
As a new start-up we are currently developing 3 different applications simultaneously and having some debate if it's worth timing the release date set after the WWDC 2013. Does anyone has experiences from the previous years, how that move would boosts sales? If it does, would it mean that it costs more to promote the app and get some publicity/media attention in that time of the year?

Two of our applications are interactive storybooks apps, so it would be good to release it around these days, but I have some concerns about this release day. Everyone is going to deal with the iOS 7 and the new OS and it would be much more harder to market our apps. So I would be interested in the experiences of others, who has set late June release date around the WWDC event.


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