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How does a free game earn money?

Hello. I am a new game developer and going to launch a free app on different store. I would like to know how free game earns money. If the answer is only by giving ad then how I get these ads?
Please help me with reply. Thank you.


  • lgehrig1lgehrig1 Posts: 395Registered Users @ @
    1. If you want to display advertising, then read up on iAds. It's pretty easy to embed iAds into your app, but you're not likely to get that rich (plenty of comments posted on this site about that). There are many other ad networks (research left as an exercise for the student), and you can use more than one. You can even show you own ads if you can't download something from the network, but that presumes you've got something to sell :)

    2. You should also read about In-App Purchases. Most games are such that you can add more levels, more options, level-ups, etc. Heck - even if all you do is sell a different background picture you'll find somebody to buy it (it's a big-big-world!).

    3. Never underestimate the value of "portfolio" apps. Release it for free, but slap it across your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your business cards, etc. In the US folks are beginning to understand that, for a simple code slinger you can go to India, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. but if you want to give somebody vague criteria on the front and want a polished app come out, you need a pro. Be the guy that designs the factory - not the guy who works in it - and that starts with a portfolio, just like an artist.

    4. And then there's the trivial solution - sell the app!

  • srishtimehtasrishtimehta Posts: 8New Users
    Through Ads, Micro-Transactions, etc. Promote your game on Social Sites, App Review Sites, Do all off page activities like Article Submission, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, etc.
  • RedStripeRedStripe San Francisco, CAPosts: 63New Users @
    Many of the top earning apps use In-App purchases, so you should probably check that out first. But do not be afraid to experiment.
  • bdavid186bdavid186 Posts: 62Registered Users @
    Yes, you may try out the In-App purchase method, but promoting through your social media channels and other off site promotions also will help you to earn money.

    All the best for your new game :)
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  • panzeritipanzeriti United StatesPosts: 769Registered Users @ @ @
    Full screen interstitial ads(Playhaven, Chartboost) can give you decent income, but you need to be careful how you present them, as to not scare off users.
  • bdavid186bdavid186 Posts: 62Registered Users @
    Do Playhaven, Chartboost both work in a CPC basis?

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