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Looking for cross promotion with developer

My company is looking to offer free promotions to generate some developers some great promotions in exchange for a cross promotion through their system. I have done this before and have had little success. So if you are interested and are capable of generating at least 2000 DOWNLOADS, please pm me and we can discuss a cross promotion deal.



  • DJSocialAppDJSocialApp Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 10New Users
    What does your company specifically do Canada ? Develop apps for yourself or for clients/businesses
  • canada130113canada130113 Posts: 87New Users @
    A colleague of mine has app promotional tools that generate thousands of downloads. Building a community it tough for these type of apps as ad networks usually USE these type of apps to generate downloads. So that is why we are looking to cross promote with developers with a legitimate user base to give both parties relatively the same amount of downloads
  • maharshakmaharshak some where over the rainbowPosts: 295New Users @ @
    edited June 2013
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  • canada130113canada130113 Posts: 87New Users @
    maharshak said:

    "A colleague of mine has app promotional tools that generate thousands of downloads"
    sounds like farm bot ;)

    i didnt understand do you look for developers or promoters?

    What is it with you a bot farms and assuming that all promotional tools are from bot farms. I even posted about this very topic when I used App Turbo. So if you are not going to contribute, then please refrain from commenting

    I am looking for developers

  • sanyam61sanyam61 Posts: 96New Users @
    I couldn't understand anything out of this post..and the conversation between u two
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