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Fitness App Promotion

JulienToJulienTo londonPosts: 2New Users

First, hello and thanks to everyone here, I've been reading a lot of topics and it has been super useful to understand the app advertising world a bit more. However I still have questions for which I can't seem to find a definitive answer, and hope that you can help me to make the right decisions.

A little background first, we (my company) are developing a fitness app (a really really cool one!) and we plan to release it around mid august. It's going to be a free app and we don't plan to monetize it with ads or in app purchase. It's going to be purely a branding tool/channel, similar to Nike+ for Nike, just to give you an idea. We are looking to get a lot of users/downloads, as cheap as we can, and preferably active users. We have a budget of around £30K for the first month possibly more, and we're focusing on the UK market first then US.

We've been looking and talking to several agencies, marketing platforms, ad networks (non incentivized and incentivized) and it gets confusing really quickly. Here is my list of questions..

The mechanic of buying a lot of cheap downloads using incentivized downloads ad networks, to rank high on the app store and then get better quality downloads "organically" .. is it a viable strategy? Or is it better to forget incentivized networks and pay a higher price for better users from the start?

Which one of these networks do you know and would you recommend, or which ones would you NOT recommend (please remember, my app is not a game but a fitness one!) : Facebook, Flurry App circle, Appia, iAD workbench, Tapit, AppFlood, Tap for tap, TapJoy, Mojiva, Revmob, Mmedia, Leadbolt, MdotM.

Are there any other that you would suggest considering what I'm looking to achieve?

I also discovered on this forum Gnome Escape, App Turbo and Appfire, sometimes I read that they don't work, and sometimes they do, what's your opinion on these services?

Ideally, what should I aim for in term of CPI and eCPI?

Would you recommend creating a video and using it to advertise my app? (Is it worth the money of creating it).

Tracking.. I've heard some great things about to track downloads and sources.. but as I'll have Flurry Analytics in my app, is it not something that Flurry is doing already?

We'll probably end up testing a few of the above ad networks with a low budget and then spend a lot on a short time.

Sorry for the long text. Looking forward to your suggestions and thoughts.



  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,628New Users @ @ @ @ @
    I am glad you've posted this. I too am searching for an answer. There have been a lot of discussions lately, on promoting an app. And some very informed answers. The problem is no one has yet actually tossed out real numbers. Cost vs ROI. It's all been a little vague as if it is a big secret that can't be disclosed.

    Even though you will not be monetizing using the standard methods, I hope that once it launches you can post the number of downloads, you've gotten. And perhaps the organic ones vs bought ones if possible.

    Then using a simple conversion formula 1-2% IAP, I might be able to determine just how much money one can make vs spend on promotion.

    And it will also determine the price of the IAP... for breakeven and profit, since I don't do ads.

  • iSpreadNewsiSpreadNews Posts: 359Registered Users @ @
    JulienTo said:

    Would you recommend creating a video and using it to advertise my app? (Is it worth the money of creating it).

    It's greatly recommended to have a video - at least it allows users to understand what your app is doing without installing it. But don't spend more than $1k on it.

    If you are trying to promote it on UK market - we would recommend to get it mentioned on the TV somehow. Just try to create some fake sensation like "2 people we hired to test our app died from heart attack because they couldn't stop running" or "Favorite app of " and try to push it.

    Also sending review requests to all app review sites would help (see sig). - VERY CHEAP (from $50) way to send your iPhone/iPad app announcement to hundreds of blog & news sites owners over the globe.

    Just remember that there other countries besides US!
  • JulienToJulienTo londonPosts: 2New Users
    @dev666999 Thanks for your answer. I will try to post updates and results of my campaign here.

    @iSpreadNews Thanks. I'm not convinced that faking a news saying that 2 people died while testing our app is the best thing to do. But we'll consider producing a video.
  • TasnimahmedTasnimahmed BangladeshPosts: 54New Users @
    Promotion-make a landing your landing pages link on fitness related blog. collect early users email to connect with them & get a boost on launch day with these users.create facebook,twitter page to engage with them.

    Analytics-Dont forget to add analytics like flurry or something.cause you will know which portion of the app user is using more on beta or 1st can release a update version according to the flurry data in your user will be more engaged and btw ll also be happy user and they will recommend it to others
  • ACdevACdev LondonPosts: 12New Users *
    I agree with @tasnimahmed def. install Flurry Analytics. This is essential when you are looking for investment or sponsorship of your app. Apple only provide download figures. Flurry will provide much more detailed data such as how long do people stay in the app, how often they visit, etc. Companies will want to know this data before making a decision.
  • markofjohnsonmarkofjohnson California USAPosts: 133Registered Users @ @

    Yes it can work, but its hard, it depends how much appeal your app has. We use this strategy. Look at our app Hit Tennis 3. As I write this its at #4 top free UK iPhone and #8 top free UK iPad. £30K for the UK market is actually _more_ than you need to get near the top of the UK charts, if you spend it correctly. Make several ads and test the click and install rates. Focus on the best ad. Test CPC and CPI campaigns and then use whichever performs best. You can always use both in order to get high volume. Target ONLY the country and device you want. With CPC, a better ad actually reduces your eCPI, which is why its smart to try to make CPC work for you. The largest volume though tends to be seen in high bid CPI. You do need to be tracking installs though, even with CPC. I recommend Chartboost because it reports the performance of your ads in great detail.

    Re ROI, or, is it worth it? That of course depends on your goals. You said that you do not monetize, you are looking for brand engagement. For apps that monetize directly, ROI is going to depend on how high up the charts you go, and of course how well the app itself monetizes. &
    Hit Tennis & Super Txt
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