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What services to use for app promotion?

Hi all,

I'm thinking of the ways to promote my app and looking for different effective services that can help me. Could you please give me some advice and share your experience?

What services did you use? What were the most effective and what were just a waste of money?

I've heard a lot about PRWeb and for press release distribution, but they seem to just send it to some news feeds, not to real journalists. Does it help to get any reviews?

I've also come across a PR agency (SoftPressRelease) that seems to have a more personal and thorough approach to apps promotion (see their case study I wonder what the price of such promotion might be.

Have you ever used any of these services? Can you advise any other good ones?

Your comments are appreciated!



  • iSpreadNewsiSpreadNews Posts: 359Registered Users @ @
    We can help you with promotion too - see sig. Our most expensive package is $265, you can order something from us even for $15.

    What we do is sending review requests to editors of app review sites. Most expensive package is sending announcements editors of 880+ sites that post app reviews in 27 languages - i.e. we do international promotion. If you care only about editors of sites that post app reviews in English, then it would cost just $126. - VERY CHEAP (from $50) way to send your iPhone/iPad app announcement to hundreds of blog & news sites owners over the globe.

    Just remember that there other countries besides US!
  • SoftPressReleaseSoftPressRelease Posts: 5New Users Noob
    Developers should always think over their promotion strategy weeks before the product launch. We can help you prepare and conduct your app launch PR campaign. It will include the following:

    • Target audience analysis
    • Analysis of competitor applications promotion activities
    • Creation of media maps
    • Description writing for App Store or Google Play
    • Preparation of press release and pitch letter texts
    • Distribution of a pitch letter/prerelease/press release to editors and journalists
    • Informing journalists about a product through social media, Twitter
    • Communication with journalists, provision of required information

    Contact us and we'll discuss the details and price.
  • AppBomberAppBomber Posts: 8New Users Noob
    Surely, PR activities are to be planned in advance before Ur app is out. U need to prepare well-crafted PR draft that will be spread over the targeted Apple-related media resources, gather a list of review websites where Ur app will be submitted and pay attention to its App Store image ( how effective is Ur App Description, screenshots, app name to potential shoppers etc. ). Another important thing is Social Media promotion, especially if Ur app is Free. Reaching out prospects through Twitter or Facebook is the best way for introducing Ur recently released app to thousands of interested app users. Just prepare a catchy promo message including and include an iTunes download link there.

    Those are some initial steps each developer should consider while releasing his product. Of course each app is unique and depending on its category, price, usability and target audience - promotion strategy may vary.

    If you need any further advice on the way your app could be marketed - drop us a line.

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