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Looking for a company to help promote app up the charts

I've been charged with helping my company increase their app's AppStore ranking. I'm looking to work with companies with the ability to GUARANTEE a top 10/top 25 ranking on the app store.

If you are a part of, have worked with, or know of such a company, please PM me. Thanks!


  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    "I'm looking to work with companies with the ability to GUARANTEE a top 10/top 25 ranking on the app store."

    According to Apple's official company line, that will get your account banned.

    But I have yet to see it enforced. ;)
  • Alex_MobileDevHQAlex_MobileDevHQ Seattle, WAPosts: 16New Users, Administrators Admin
    edited September 2013
    Like @dev666999 said, you won't find a legitimate company that guarantees top 10/top 25 companies. If you do I would definitely tread carefully, it probably is not completely legal.

    There are also a few other companies who do this out there, so check out a few and see if it interests you. Hope this helps!
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  • ShelShockShelShock Posts: 128Registered Users @ @
    The only way to have real success in the App Store is to incorporate a long term strategy, including ASO and broad based marketing across incentive and non-incent channels. This is the only way you get the bredth of quality and volume needed to have a higher chance of success than failure. Simply paying to boost up the charts these days is like taking all of your money and putting it on 'black' in Las Vegas - personally, I would rather go to Vegas - it's way more fun.

    Alex is also correct in his comment. No legitimate marketing company that doesn't leverage techniques banned by Apple can guarantee you a specific slot in the App Store charts. There are still many off shore bot farms out there, but Apple is getting very good identifying the kind of "shell" iTunes accounts used in these operations and they will terminate your developer account.
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  • Prerna_123Prerna_123 IndiaPosts: 9New Users Noob
    So what are we suppose to do? I mean, the long term strategies requires a lot of patience. Not all gaming studios are as lucky as Ravio or Kings to have Candy crush saga or Angry bird! 'Promotion is a Sham' and this is what I use to believe. But then the truth is that this is the only possible way to please people. The current algorithm used by Apple is very unfair. I guess by the time my games will become a 'HIT'. I will be an Egyptian Mummy.. :/
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    edited September 2013
    In the early days of the appstore it was easy getting to the top of the charts and staying there.

    Now with 700,000 apps in the store, it is difficult unless you spend a ton of money on advertising or...cheat.

    From my reading and googling, some of the big boys cheat, but Apple won't clamp down on the cheating when it's the big boys.

    I've heard good things on this site about Facebook advertising.

    Haven't tried it myself, but other developers are happy with the results.
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