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iOS App Marketing eBook [Kindle]

poisendenpoisenden Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
Hello all - I wrote this short ebook to make developers aware of some tips and tricks that will help them sell more copies of their apps. It's got beginner tips and advanced tactics. It's $4.99 so it's not too expensive. I even included a section that explains how to revive dead apps that are underperforming on the App Store.

Get it here - iOS App Marketing

mods - I hope this isn't considered advertising because my intention is to help the community. Thanks
Revive Apps Getting Low Downloads -


  • KarlJayKarlJay Posts: 437Registered Users @ @
    No preview or table of contents?

    It says it's 17 pages, how much of that is actually text, because 17 pages doesn't seem very long.
  • poisendenpoisenden Posts: 225Registered Users @ @
    @KarlJay Most of it is text, and there are a few small charts inside that help illustrate the points. It's my first published book, so I'm kind of clueless on previewing and tables of contents. I'll see if I can add that.
    Revive Apps Getting Low Downloads -
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    If you really want to sell the book, post a few of your apps that have done exceptionally well...chart history, monies/downloads received, reviews, etc...

    Nothing sells like proof that your methods work.
  • KarlJayKarlJay Posts: 437Registered Users @ @
    My guess is that Amazon would have some kinda tool to make a preview or else it might be automatic. One thing that might be an issue is that with 17 pages, the preview should only be about 5 pages. Probably a table of contents and some kinda summary thing.

    I hardly ever buy books without looking at the contents. I usually read a chapter or two, to see if it has any value to me.

    Your topic is actually probably a very hot topic, but without seeing the contents, I'd say 17 pages couldn't be very detailed, but it could be packed with useful info.

    One concern is that the value might not be there unless those 17 pages are really packed with good info. Consider that a lot of books would be about 10X that size and marketing is actually a complex subject and probably pretty challenging given the flood of apps in the market.

    If you don't mind, maybe you could post a table of contents and a sample page or two here.
  • CorypheusCorypheus Russian Federation Posts: 11Registered Users *
    I would definitely like to have a look at some preview before buying it, considering the fact it’s the first ebook of this author.
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