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New Soccer App, Sport's Marketing

SpoWappSpoWapp VenezuelaPosts: 1New Users Noob
edited November 2013 in Mobile Marketing Techniques
I just released an update for my App with a completely new design and plenty of new features. It's a soccer app with live updates for over 100 leagues and we have a game of predictions included in which you can compete against your FB friends or de World.

[Link Removed. A link is not necessary to ask a marketing question.]

We have plenty of good ratings but I'm having trouble with marketing. Do you have any ideas marketing ideas that have worked in the past with not that much money?



  • markofjohnsonmarkofjohnson California USAPosts: 133Registered Users @ @
    A link absolutely _is_ necessary to ask a marketing question about a specific app. Market during a major soccer event in the country(ies) where that event is a big deal. If you are going to pay for ads, then ONLY use ads that target by country. Check out Facebook ads and target soccer fans. &
    Hit Tennis & Super Txt
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