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MeanBeanGamesMeanBeanGames VancouverPosts: 2New Users Noob
We sent out a press release to a bunch of iOS review sites for our game and were able to get one on Base on what people have said and Alexa ranking this is one of the top iOS review sites.

However, after being on the front page of the website for an entire weekend it probably only lead to 10-15 sales (at $1.99 per). Is this normal? Is it because our review is only 3.5 stars? Here is the review:

My partner doesn't think review sites are very important for selling a game. Everything I've read indicates it is the main way of getting the word about your game out there... but after this I'm confused. Should I bother trying to get more reviews?



  • sinhahumayunsinhahumayun DhakaPosts: 209New Users @ @
    I think a good way of measuring the performance of the campaign is to a) monitor the downloads for one week from the day of the review release and b) monitor the user behavior of the users who downloaded in this one week, like repeat visits, stay time, in app purchase etc.

    Please share your experience with all of us. To REVIEW or NOT TO REVIEW is an age-long marketing question. Your experience might be able to shed some light on it :) Best of luck.
  • Posts: 452Registered Users @ @
    Review sites are useful for getting feedback and exposure but should not be relied upon solely for getting you 1000's of downloads.

    My first reaction to the review is that "That’s also where Forces of Nature falters. Controlling Sprout can be a little awkward. While moving from left to right is simple enough, dashing from side to side (an important move in order to succeed) is a little cumbersome and not as accurate as one would like. " would turn readers off downloading your app. Your priority now should be to fix those issues before doing any further marketing. top 10 App review site where developers can post videos, place promo codes and announce apps on sale and gone free.
  • MeanBeanGamesMeanBeanGames VancouverPosts: 2New Users Noob
    Gotcha. AppPicker... can I ask, what are some other good methods?
  • Posts: 452Registered Users @ @
    I am not a marketing expert but after fixing the issues I would try to get some more reviews and do a lot of social media marketing on them. Google+, Stumbleupon. Twitter and facebook. Each being a small part of a much larger effort. Unless you pay for downloads then getting your app some recognition would be the 1st step IMHO.

    A comment beneath the review thanking for the feedback along with your plans to improve the app extends the value of the review, even one not so positive.

    You already have a video which are great at getting downloads so get that out there on sites that allow videos, not just Youtube. top 10 App review site where developers can post videos, place promo codes and announce apps on sale and gone free.
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