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Less Competitive Countries?

billykbillyk Posts: 103New Users @ @
One of the marketing tips I've learnt somewhere is to target less competitive countries initially with the following advantages:

(1) Lower cost of promotion.
(2) Easier to get to the top charts.
(3) Get a testing ground to solicit feedback.

Canada was quoted as one good example but it seems to become more and more competitive now.

Do you agree with that? If so what countries would you recommend?



  • veomeaveomea BeijingPosts: 18New Users *
    The most competitive might be the US, China, India.. If you're looking for the less competitive markets you may wanna think of some smaller countries in Europe.
  • SohanMSohanM IndiaPosts: 39New Users @
    I agree with veomea. US, UK and India are competitive markets. The penetration of mobile phones in India is growing and with the massive population you have an amazing reach to audience.

    China too is a big market, but its tricky to tackle. Make sure your app has localization before marketing in the far east.

    My two cents :)
  • ashli_jopparashli_joppar Posts: 2New Users Noob
    Great points above. Also keep in mind that localization is not only text.

    1. What's a positive symbol in one country is something negative in another (i.e. thumbs up)
    2. Think about your colors, white means peace in the U.S. and other things in another country.
    3. Also, localize your images. You don't want to offend because you added images that are completely harmless in your country and something vile in another (i.e. the infamous World of Warcraft China mishap)
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