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Question on Setting Maximum CPA in Facebook App Install Ad

billykbillyk Posts: 103New Users @ @
We have recently localised our game to Chinese and so we want to promote it in Taiwan. We've tried to use Facebook Mobile App Install Ad with CPA. Here is what we set:

Daily Spend Limit: $60
Maximum CPA Bid: $0.30
Potential Reach of Target: 760,000

The campaign has been running for a day and the result is very interesting:

Ad Reach: 276
Click Through Rate: 2.527%
Clicks: 7
Installs: 2
Spent: $0.01
Average CPA: $0.005

The good thing Average CPA is very low with an okay click through rate. The problem as you can all see is the low reach. I wonder if it's because my Maximum CPA Bid is too low but if it's so, why would I be able to get 2 installs with very low CPA?

If there is anything I can do to increase the reach while keeping such a low average CPA, it would be wonderful. I have thought of increasing the Maximum CPA bid - but $0.3 is actually the maximum we want to pay.

I'd be grateful if anyone had similar experience before and can share some tips to me.


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