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One big game vs many small games

billykbillyk Posts: 103New Users @ @

We are planning to build a series of arcade-type mini games. Each mini game will have different levels of difficulties. The easier difficulties will be free to play and the more difficult ones will need to be unlocked through in-app purchase.

(1) Build an "arcade" app which contains all the games. Advantages:
(a) The app will have more content and it might be more attractive to users to buy the in-app purchase upgrade.
(b) Marketing effort/budget can be all focused to one app.
(c) Less effort for maintenance/upgrade.

(2) Release the mini games as separate apps. Advantages:
(a) Quicker time to market. Each game can be released individually as they are completed.
(b) Have a more impressive app portfolio and more cross promotion opportunities.

Just want to have some opinions here from a marketing/promotion perspective.



  • JonPMJonPM Posts: 159New Users @ @
    Quantity > Quality...
  • GameickGameick ChicagoPosts: 9New Users Noob
    Depends on your marketing plan. If you are willing to eat the short-term costs of development a little longer and can tie a real theme and make a great app/game plus market properly one big game is better. If they are really just jumbled and separate games and will feel like it, release them that way.

  • billykbillyk Posts: 103New Users @ @
    JonPM wrote: »
    Quantity > Quality...

    @JonPM Can you elaborate a bit more?
  • Jake28Jake28 Posts: 71New Users @
    Do both! Have all your arcade games separately then come up with some name for an app that has them all in. This way you will get more downloads and there is more revenue potential. Its a no brainer. Good luck!
  • BaksaiAppsBaksaiApps ChilePosts: 23New Users @
    I agree with Jake28, do both. Release them separately one by one and then all together
  • sinhahumayunsinhahumayun DhakaPosts: 209New Users @ @
    Do both, and try to do an internal cross promotion, that might be the most effective solution. Best of luck!
  • scottwbscottwb Posts: 952New Users @ @ @
    We release a lot of games but try to keep the quality level there as well. I think a large number of smaller games work better than one big one. Also, one large app will take longer to code, test etc
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,632New Users @ @ @ @ @
    I'm with @scottwb on this.

    You can lose a lot of time and money trying to produce the Holy Grail... a successful big game.

    Small games are just more efficient for an indie.
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