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Questions about iAd Admob

I have been doing a lot of research about iAd and Admob. I have an app coming out and want to utilize these tools. I have lots of promotion strategies in place and many professional companies to get the word out about my app to millions of people.

I have read about how constant use of your app helps you make revenue and such. My question is about impressions. I know what they are and I have read that an ad shown for about 30seconds=1 impression. On my app, I will have an ad on certain pages. If I have an ad about X on a page and I am on there for 20 seconds and then I go to a new page and the ad is not there and then to the following page with the ad and I am on for 10 seconds...does that equal 30 seconds/1 impression or does the timer reset?

The company that built the app usually works with analytics so the type of app I am making is new to their roster. I am the first to use ads. They believe having it downloadable for $1 will earn more money than ads. However, with the 10+ million people I am going to reach, I think the ads would make more money due to the constant activity I will have on the app. Of course, it is not guaranteed how many people of the # I am reaching will actually download, but in terms of what would make more, I think ads will due to constant revenue.

Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
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