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1.99$ -> 0.99$ does it make sense and when?

737FlightSim737FlightSim UKPosts: 108New Users @ @
edited February 2014 in Mobile Marketing Techniques
I wonder what benefit I can get from making app that cost $1.99 priced as 0.99$ for a short period of time, let's say 3 days. What's your experience with that? When is it optimal to do the promotion? Should I tell some sites about the change I plan to do?


  • oral boral b ColoradoPosts: 191Tutorial Authors, iPhone Dev SDK Supporter, Registered Users @ @
    I have noticed a small spike in sales when doing price reductions like that. There's a few high-traffic websites that monitor for apps going on sale and they'll pick up on it. Definitely tell some sites about the sale, as many as you can.
  • 737FlightSim737FlightSim UKPosts: 108New Users @ @
    How long was the spike for you?
  • givensurgivensur On the Information SuperhighwayPosts: 541Registered Users @ @ @
    Keep in mind, if you cut the cost of your app in half, you will need to sell twice as many apps to make the same amount of money.

    That's assuming that the increased word of mouth by having more customers offsets the increased support costs of having more customers. If it doesn't, then really you'd have to sell more than twice as many just to make the same amount of money.
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  • oral boral b ColoradoPosts: 191Tutorial Authors, iPhone Dev SDK Supporter, Registered Users @ @
    How long was the spike for you?
    Around one to two days.
  • Posts: 452Registered Users @ @
    I can tell you that apps gone free is at least 3 times more popular than on sale, so if you are seeking a volume boost, going free for a day may be more worthwhile. top 10 App review site where developers can post videos, place promo codes and announce apps on sale and gone free.
  • WoodnyWoodny PolandPosts: 6New Users Noob
    You should write to special sites which make promotion like app of the day or something like that, there is many users and you might see more downloads of your app. But really good option now a days is to make your app freemium!
  • veomeaveomea BeijingPosts: 18New Users *
    Weekend is the ultimate best timing for price drop of your app. I heard people even go from paid to free app over the weekend to gain more audience. I think it's definitely worth giving a try, remember that word of mouth still stays one of the most successful marketing techniques (and this come from a marketer ;). Good luck!
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