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How should I promote my productivity app?

voxyPADvoxyPAD USPosts: 4New Users Noob
I'm stressed out about how to market my app. We put a lot of efforts into developing a useful VOIP app that is free and advanced (it lets you talk and view shared screens in real time)
But the problem is, as a productivity app, it's not as fun as Flappy bird or 2048. And that's why it's hard to get massive viral traffic.
I would love to hear from someone here who has experience with driving downloads for productivity apps. Thanks.


  • optimizemyappsoptimizemyapps USAPosts: 138Registered Users @ @
    @voxyPAD - Have you done keyword, Screenshot , Icon optimization on your productivity App? While App Store Optimization might not give you millions of downloads it will help you get good no. of downloads + maybe a chance to the in the category rankings of your App for Professional Help on App Store Optimization / App Promotion Services at Great Prices
  • voxyPADvoxyPAD USPosts: 4New Users Noob
    edited May 2014
    @optimizemyapps‌ Yeah, I've invested time in polishing my app page on the app store. For keyword optimazation, should I put in popular keywords ATM like Flappy bird?
    Thank you for answering, @optimizemyapps‌
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  • mobilagamobilaga Posts: 66Registered Users @
    I wouldn't put any popular keywords, your app is really not related to Flappy Bird and there are other apps doing the same, so you will be wasting your keyword space. I'm pretty sure people searching for flappy bird will not be presented with your app as a result, but you might be missing other people searching for voip stuff because you didn't put a keyword related to that...
  • voxyPADvoxyPAD USPosts: 4New Users Noob
    @mobilaga‌ we do have "voip" and "mobile voip" in the app's keywords. Anyway, I'll consider putting in "voice chat" because it sounds like users will search for that rather than voip.
    @mobilaga‌ @optimizemyapps‌ have you tried my app? what do you think of its GUI?
  • optimizemyappsoptimizemyapps USAPosts: 138Registered Users @ @
    @voxyPAD- Like mobilaga indicated, you should not be putting keywords which are non related to your App like Flappy Bird, besides put a keywords like Flappy Bird in a Productivity App might get those keywords removed by the App reviews anyway.

    My initial research gives me the following keywords for your app- messenger tablet notepad voip phone drawing collaboration whiteboard draw voxypad
    Your App name is also not optimized with right keywords (they carry more weight in title)

    You need to get your keywords right or Hire someone to do them for you for Professional Help on App Store Optimization / App Promotion Services at Great Prices
  • exitcoderexitcoder USPosts: 3New Users Noob
    edited May 2014
    @optimizemyapps‌ I agree. Putting in keywords like Flappybird wont get the app anywhere
  • iSpreadNewsiSpreadNews Posts: 359Registered Users @ @
    Why don't you put keywords into your app title - like "VoxyPad Messenger- collaborate via voice (VOIP) while drawing on the screen or co-browsing"?

    Description of your app is very short - it does not explain a lot about your app and does not list its features (e.g. can you "call" from ipad to iphone? what are limitations? how many users can be in the chat? can chat be recorderd?). Your app is advanced as Skype. See how long is description of Skype!

    Have you tried contacting app review sites from all over the world asking them to review your app? If you don't have time for this you can hire somebody to do this. - VERY CHEAP (from $50) way to send your iPhone/iPad app announcement to hundreds of blog & news sites owners over the globe.

    Just remember that there other countries besides US!
  • veomeaveomea BeijingPosts: 18New Users *
    You can always use services of an ad network where you can promote your app through a network of other developers that will publish your ads. For that you need your app's creatives and revenue. Some ad networks allow you to become both a publisher and an advertiser, meaning you can start with displaying ads within your app first, earn revenue, and later spend it on your app's promotion.

    Another way that comes to my mind is use app discovery platform services. We compiled a list of those a while ago, you can learn more here: Boost App Installs with This List of Mobile App Discovery Platforms
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