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Why so few reviews with iRate?

Appstore is better than Google play in most ways, but I think there is one exception.
Very few people write reviews on Appstore. I added iRate to the new version of our app "Astral 3D worlds". I set it to

[iRate sharedInstance].daysUntilPrompt = 2;
[iRate sharedInstance].usesUntilPrompt = 3;

3500 people has downloaded this new version, but only 2 has written reviews. Both were 5 star reviews, but I need much more reviews to get a rating for the new version of the app.
What can I do to get more reviews? I am considering to use these settings in the new version:

[iRate sharedInstance].daysUntilPrompt = 0;
[iRate sharedInstance].usesUntilPrompt = 2;

It is to possible to get reviews with paid services like Gnome Escape,but why is it so difficult to get reviews with iRate?


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