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Best marketing technique

erikdudeerikdude NorwayPosts: 41New Users @

I got a new app that I've just created for the iPad (originally only on Windows Phone 8/8.1) and the app has got a 4.5*/5 rating in the windows phone store.

It's a utility app that allows you to create projects, subjects, take notes, write texts, summaries - combine texts & summaries, research from google & wikipedia, etc

I really don't have much $$ to spend on marketing, but I'm planning on selling it on Apptopia.

I'm not sure what would be the best, free in the App Store and sell on Apptopia or sell on Apptopia and paid in the App Store?

What do you think?



  • AdfinitiAdfiniti IndiaPosts: 20New Users @
    How many downloads does it have and the revenue generated?
  • optimizemyappsoptimizemyapps USAPosts: 138Registered Users @ @
    @erikdude - Well it depends on the no. of downloads the App has & the revenue it has generated. Good downloads with good revenue generated will fetch you a better price - if thats the question you are asking for Professional Help on App Store Optimization / App Promotion Services at Great Prices
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