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Is App turbo an effective tool?

Siddharth1601Siddharth1601 MumbaiPosts: 1New Users Noob
Hi guys,

I've launched a news application a couple of months back and was wondering if appturbo (App of the Day) worth investing in for marketing?


  • AlisaLevAlisaLev UkrainePosts: 124New Users @ @
    I have the same question, maybe you have tried?
  • JigExJigEx Durham, NCPosts: 3New Users Noob
    I Googled AppTurbo and found some interesting accounts of developers who used it. Apparently, AppTurbo brings a huge amount of exposure to your app, but your app will likely take a ratings hit as well. I guess you have to weigh whether the temporary exposure is worth the long term affects of your ratings getting dinged.

    Also, it sounds like AppTurbo chooses you, not the other way around. You can contact them to let them know about your app, but since they only promote one app per day they probably have more submissions than they can use.
  • raymngraymng Posts: 2,049Registered Users @ @ @ @
    This kind of app still allow on app store?
  • AlisaLevAlisaLev UkrainePosts: 124New Users @ @
    We have contacted with them, but they didn't want to promote as with our app you need a Server to take files from and then play or stream it. Like, they weren't able to install Serviio on PC for example. Strange they found us, not vice verse.
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