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App previews (video on the App Store) and promoting and app with video

sylvainwwsylvainww Posts: 158Registered Users @ @
Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I've published anything here but I thought I'd share this with you.

Since WWDC14 and the announcement of App Previews we've been reading and thinking a lot about it. Here are our thoughts and some tips for app developers.
We also experimented with the format a bit, and produced different app previews for 2 clients (we'll have to wait on feedback from Apple to know what is allowed and what is not though).

And if you're interested in leveraging video to promote your app, check out our guide to marketing an app using video.

<a href=""; target="_blank"><b>The Apptamin App Marketing Blog</b> - app promotion techniques</a><br />
<br />
<a href=""; target="_blank"><b>Cool app promo videos and trailers.</a>


  • sinhahumayunsinhahumayun DhakaPosts: 209New Users @ @
    @sylvainww‌ Great post, the blog was very helpful, clarified a lot of confusions I had. I was wondering, do we get to submit app for iPhone 6 and 6 plus now? They haven't shipped the products and many developers might not have money to buy those. How are we supposed to make previews for phones we don't have? Or can we use one phone and one ipad device for all the other phones and ipads?

    I have a tons of apps that needs to be updated, Apple is not accepting an update without app preview :/ How best to solve this different device issue?
  • tmongytmongy Posts: 105New Users @ @
    edited September 2014
    @sinhahumayun‌ The way I understood it from the WWDC presentation was that you need to submit only 2 videos if you have a universal app. For the iPhone (all models and sizes) you need to submit a video with resolution 640x1136 or 1080x1920. Then for the iPad, you need to submit a video with resolution 900x1200.

    And that's it. No need to have a different video for each iPhone or iPad model; so you don't need to have the iPhone 6 before you can make the video.
    Apple is not accepting an update without app preview :/ How best to solve this different device issue?
    Are you sure about this? I've submitted an update without an app preview and it's still waiting for review. Did yours get rejected because it was missing an app preview?
  • sinhahumayunsinhahumayun DhakaPosts: 209New Users @ @
    edited September 2014
    900X1200 for iPad? Are you sure @tmongy‌ ? But this isn't the resolution of iPad to the best of my knowledge. Apparently now they expect new screenshots for 6 and 6+ and also the app preview, my ones are waiting for review as well.
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  • tmongytmongy Posts: 105New Users @ @
    Here are some screen grabs from the WWDC presentation:



    And some technical specs for the files:
  • KennicKennic Posts: 84New Users @
    edited September 2014
    Is there any service/app that create app video preview?
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  • sinhahumayunsinhahumayun DhakaPosts: 209New Users @ @
    Great, thanks @tmongy‌, now this makes sense :) @Kennic‌ Apple has made it pretty easy for developers to make it themselves. But, if you want a professional service there are many who can help you out, you can message @sylvainww who might be able to help you out.
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