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Superfast App Reviews

angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @

Just giving my updated app review experience.

Had both my apps in review and approved in 36 hours 3 times in a row. So in the last 10 days I have had 3 versions approved. Great.

Each time I go into review within 12 hours.

Maybe Apple are doing this as I constantly submit revisions.

It should also be noted no one is actually opening the app, my server detects installs and none are found.

Both my apps are several k downloads a month.



  • KennicKennic Posts: 84New Users @
    Mine too, get to In Review 6 hours after upload received, 2 times in a month.
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,628New Users @ @ @ @ @
    That's happened to me too... in review within a few hours... but then, I wait another 6-7 days before approval. :(
  • CoDEFRoCoDEFRo Posts: 645New Users @ @ @
    That only seems to happen to me when I'm like, "ah I'll just submit it and then test since I'll have a couple of days to pull it down if I find a bug"
  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    CoDEFRo, im the same, I was relying on been in the queue for several days.
  • dev666999dev666999 Posts: 3,628New Users @ @ @ @ @
    angelapps wrote: »
    CoDEFRo, im the same, I was relying on been in the queue for several days.

    LOL... At times, they've done that to me, when I have not yet loaded all the screenshots and finalized my keywords. I figure, I have a few days to get them done. Ugh...

  • 8bitedition8bitedition CanadaPosts: 39New Users @
    A few days ago a round of updates (For 5 apps) were uploaded and approved in less than 2 hours. But then a couple other updates ended up taking 6 days, so... Its a bit of a crapshoot
  • shabbadoshabbado USPosts: 20New Users @
    I have recently seen most new apps go through in about 7 days, whereas updates are usually much quicker. I think the update review time depends on the app and what you changed. For example, one of my apps that I update quite a bit goes through pretty quick, but when I added IAP it took much longer than usual.
  • PromaticsPromatics IndiaPosts: 6New Users Noob
    For Apple App, getting reviews is good option to increase downloads.
  • angelappsangelapps usaPosts: 266New Users @ @
    Promatics, we mean Apple reviewing our app with a view to approve so it appears in the app store, we do not mean users reviewing the app.
  • Crichton333Crichton333 Posts: 279Registered Users @ @
    Im at 7 days Waiting and 1 day In Review with Ready for Sale the same day. All apps this year, dont mind the consistency.
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