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Low downloads from UK

mnagariamnagaria PakistanPosts: 21New Users @
I have an app which is an education app for kids. The app is in english. The app does very well in US, but from UK i get hardly any downloads at all. I am confused what would be causing this as per app annie the app is rating high on the keywords that i want both for US and UK

Do i have to do any localization specific to UK in the app?
Would reviews be the difference? Do i need more reviews from UK?
Do people search differently in UK compared to US? I am assuming since its english in both countries the search keywords should be same.


  • jhonkjjhonkj Posts: 150New Users @ @
    edited March 2015
    my experience is for paid apps... I've noticed that UK users are very sensitive to price, (yes even .99 1.99 type of prices) also they will leave reviews that mention (i want my money back) far more often than US users, and will more likely leave a review, (if negative because of this)

    also a UK user will more likely have an Android phone than an iPhone, for same reason. Then there is the least effected, but still some effect, is that in several situations the keywords do need to be different because UK user may use a different term to search for the same thing as a US user may search for.

    to answer your question (for paid apps) I can get nearly exactly 1/2 the downloads from UK as from US in an ideal situation, and I believe that is topping out on the number of downloads. so if you are not getting 1/2 there is room for improvement, if you are getting 1/2 then I believe you are getting normal downloads.

    yes Reviews are very important, followed by a possible, but slight, boost from proper keywords that are "local" to UK.

    for Germany, I have an opposite problem, and I can get 1/2 the downloads from German users than US users, and I believe that is topping out on downloads.

    German users don't mind the price, (less sensitive) but they are fanatical about their language.. and reviews will reflect that. keywords are very important in that situation. although all young German users can speak english. they are slightly more forgiving too. it still is important to get the German right, which isn't as easy as doing it professionally. because if you don't speak German, there is very little you can check after you get a "prof" translation back. and no way of knowing how "professional" that translation was done.

    the worst part is the German language will take about 30% or even 50% more words to say the same d*mn thing. so your keywords are a mess, your description is a mess, and the localization of your app is a mess.

    so like me.... have fun with that :)
  • WonderAppsWonderApps Posts: 135New Users @ @
    @jhonkj, I have checked my revenue figure, it seems match very well with your numbers!

    According to my revenue for paid app, UK download is slightly more than 10% of US one. The revenue is exact 10% of revenue from US.

    UK population is one fifth of US population, and seems they are 50% less revenue per population for purchasing iOS app.

    Germany iOS owner rate is only 50% compare to UK, so the revenue is just slightly higher than 50% of the UK ones.
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