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Know any reliable platforms to compare ad networks?

etphoneetphone GroningenPosts: 1New Users Noob
Hi, I'm new here and would like some advice.
Ive been using some platforms like Playhaven and RevMob and am not really happy with the results Ive been getting so far. Id love to hear your opinions but am also very curious about any platforms/websites you use to compare effectiveness/reliability of ad networks.
Im doing both games as well as utility apps
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  • PuffincatPuffincat SydneyPosts: 21New Users @
    There is a web site they have some kind of comparison of networks type and kinds of traffic they have.

    Also in Mobile App Tracking interface you can compare networks by traffic volume and number of competitors there, but I can't say that they estimation is very precise, as far as they have only their own data and not all developers use MAT to track downloads
  • JungggleJungggle SeoulPosts: 3New Users Noob
    edited April 2015
    Hi there,
    I'd like to inform you that you can also very conveniently compare networks with each other on our platform, Jungggle (
    We offer detailed information (like Conversion Rate, CTR, Cost per Install, etc.) in an organized way, making it very easy to compare networks with one another.

    We're also working on a feature called Project Results, where you will be able to see the results of previous projects and a user's previous experiences. Currently this is not available yet, but we'll keep you posted ;)
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