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Anyone Tried Direct Deals for Ads as a Publisher

optimizemyappsoptimizemyapps USAPosts: 138Registered Users @ @
I was wondering if anyone has tried Direct deals for Ads. For example:
  • You have a Time Organizer App
  • You want to show Ads of other productivity apps
  • When users download these other apps you make money

I currently use one of the Ad networks as a publisher, however would like to cut the middle man out & make more money per install.

So If another app developer & me agree on a price per install CPI I can directly deal with him, saving him some money & making more money per install.

I know chartboost provides Direct deal marketplace, however your app needs like 20k bootups per day to be included in the marketplace.

Any one has any experience in direct deals?? for Professional Help on App Store Optimization / App Promotion Services at Great Prices
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